You Know You’re Getting Older When . . .

/You Know You’re Getting Older When . . .

You Know You’re Getting Older When . . .

I LOVE when I crack myself up!

I was listening to the words coming out of my much younger mouth and I thought, “I must be getting old to say that! That’s a tell-tale sign for sure.”

So I developed this comedy routine I like to call, You know you’re getting older when…

You complain the music is loud!
OK, we’ve ALL said that one!


Toothpicks become a really handy tool.

You don’t recognize the names of any bands your visiting children are into.

When ten o’clock seems way too late to go to the movies. “I won’t get home till after midnight, egads!” Yes, I have uttered those words.

You consider eating at the 5:30 PM, early bird special, so you won’t be trying to go to bed on a full stomach AND you’ll save money. Oh my God, I’ve skipped my parents and become my grandparents.


You enjoy the water aerobics at the gym.

You find tons of movies to record on Turner Classic Movies.

You know the words and sing along to the Muzak playing in the background of the doctor’s office or in the elevator. Yes, or on stage…

You love the music on the radio and then realize your listening to the oldies station. You know what a radio is!

You grow stiff hairs on your chin and pluck them real fast so you don’t feel like the Wicked Witch of the West.

You check off your age bracket for surveys in the last few boxes.

You go from never wanting to qualify for a senior citizens discount to looking forward to saving money on insurance and at the movie theatre.

You like the handsome and attractive movie stars on the cover of the AARP magazine. It really struck home when I drooled more over the photos of Sean Connery than the ad with Matthew McConaughey. Hey you pick and see who ruffles your feathers more!

The thought of really taking on learning and using social media like Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn makes you break out into a cold sweat. Or you think Instagram and Pinterest are foreign languages made up by young people. Now I’m really a dinosaur…

What do you say that you know makes you sound old? I’d love to add it to the list!

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