Will I Look Weird Naked?

/Will I Look Weird Naked?

Will I Look Weird Naked?


Will I Look Weird Naked?

Being self-conscious wearing an insulin pump or anytime!

Let’s talk about being naked. With that, or anything else, it’s your attitude that counts. When you wear a new outfit, if you feel weird in it, that awkwardness is what translates to other people. And when you feel great, that’s what people see, a very happy person. When you’re intimate with someone, the same thing happens.

Even though you may worry, or even obsess, about every single aspect of your appearance, your partner doesn’t notice every single detail about your body. They’re really happy they get to be with you! But they may notice if we’re so self conscious that we try to hide ourselves from view, as we stumble to the bathroom. Now that could look weird.

It won’t bother anyone else, if it doesn’t bother you.

With a pump, a circular disk, like a round or oval Band-Aid, is all that’s visible on your skin. I feel so much more secure about my blood sugar on the pump and my good health adds to my confidence, with or without clothes.

No gasping. For me, bruising was really minimized with the pump. No one wants to take their clothes off and have someone gasp from seeing bruises. Now I have much clearer skin than when I was using a ton of syringes.

As far as how to prance around naked, I either walk around with it proudly in my hand because I’m so grateful I feel good or I wear a sexy thong so I have something pretty to hang it on too. Guys, or thong haters, may prefer to clip it on to any pair of Jockeys or great looking underwear.

If I get out of bed naked and forget the pump is on, my husband is always amazed that it doesn’t disconnect and the pump’s fine. It’s resilient, even when it swings from the bed to the floor. There are tons of tapes and accessories to help you. You don’t have to be super careful, you can have an active life, intimate or otherwise.

If you haven’t read it yet or seen the fun video from a speech, check out “How do you have sex with a pump?”

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