The Family LOVE Ambassador – Job well done!

/The Family LOVE Ambassador – Job well done!

The Family LOVE Ambassador – Job well done!

You did a great job Zoey!

You looked out for all of us. You loved everyone and kept Mom in this century if her mind forgot. You were there for her when she moved into assisted living and you showed her she could do it and you would be there with her. She was never alone, thanks to you.

I had always promised my daughter Kate a dog and she only had 2 years before college, so it was time to take the plunge. I wanted a small dog and she was afraid I’d pick a sissy, so she wanted choose. We needed it part poodle for her dad who was allergic, if it was ever to be at his house, so we settled on a Yorkie-Poo, a cross between a Yorkshire Terrier and a Poodle.

Kate had a technique to pick a dog. We were in a room full of puppies scurrying around everywhere and she would set one it on its back, to see if it would stay or immediately jump up and need to be the alpha dog. Of course I was attracted to the hyper puppy running around like a maniac. When Kate picked one who passed the test and stayed put on her back and seemed calm, I agreed. We named her Zoey. That was the best choice we ever made. She gave us so much love.

Today we celebrate that love or we’ll crumble. We let Zoey stop her journey when her body said it’s time. The Love Ambassador did her work. She loved on us in Phoenix, tried Houston and settled back with my Mom in Phoenix, where she could do the most good. She taught us to be calm and always gave love. We had a joke, he who had the food, got the dog. She was dog after all and we were the lucky family she loved on. Thank you Zoey for a job well done.

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