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Hi, I’m Maggie Hunts
Ever go from feeling completely exhausted and drained to feeling vibrant again? I did. I was a mess and had to solve it. 30+ years ago I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes.

I knew I had a lot of solutions but I’m not a typical medical professional. I have the attention span of a gnat. I just want to know what to do, how to do it and don’t depress me. That doesn’t inspire me to take all the actions it takes to live healthy, that has me want to give up.

Diabetes was full lifestyle overhaul

I didn’t want to deal with details, I still don’t. But when you bring down an airplane or your kid finds you unconscious, you realize you better find answers. When your blood sugar’s good, you feel good. When it’s off or wildly fluctuating, so is your body and your mind. I hate that part but it’s true.

Laugh2Healthy was born

I combine being an entertainer who sings and laughs about what we do in life and being a speaker who loves to share what works. I use my wacko skills to engage and support you, so you can easily take actions be healthy! I change song lyrics so you let go of worry, letting in good information to take care of yourself and others.

In 2007 I wrote my first book and the expanded update will be out soon, Laugh2Healthy with Diabetes, a FUN and doable approach to living healthy & happy.

“This book changed my life.”

“Invaluable information combined with humor. You can relate to everything whether you have Type 2 or Type 1.”

“Maggie takes the worry out of diabetes, so you can get in action.”

“Reading Maggie’s words is like seeing her live on stage. I now understand my dad’s diabetes and can see how to help him and not get it myself.”

I performed for Mary Tyler Moore

at her Woman Of The Year award celebration at the Waldorf Austria in NYC. Mary Tyler Moore was inspiring on TV and spectacular in person. See Love Is All Around Mary Tyler Moore.

This New Yorker, grew up going to Broadway on weekends. So when I heard Ben Vereen was also performing where I was, I knew I had to meet him and rave over his role in Pippin. I was totally influenced by his genius and now we are both speaking about diabetes. He got so excited, he grabbed my book and told everyone to buy it on the main stage. Life is truly incredible! Read The Magic of Ben Vereen.
I still need inspiration to keep taking all the daily actions steps to live healthy and happy with diabetes and the long list of things we all deal with.
PLEASE allow me to help you do the same. Let me know what you need and I would LOVE to joke and sing about it so we can all feel better. I hope it’s a gift to you, it certainly is a gift to me. Thanks!
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