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Love IS All Around Mary Tyler Moore

Don’t you hate when celebrities, or anyone, have a huge ego? Hey you could think that’s me, with my mug shot on every webpage. But Mary Tyler Moore was a real celebrity and when I met her, she was awesome! No ego anywhere. In fact, when someone ogled over her, she raised her eyes to the ceiling, like they were nuts.
What I always loved about watching Mary Tyler Moore on TV was that she wasn’t always confident and so sure of herself. She was real.
Whether you pretended you were her pal Rhoda, or just hoping you could master that new job that seemed impossible, if Mary could do it, so could you. Even her infamous theme song talked about “You’re Gunna Make It After All.” I grew up believing in Mary Tyler Moore.
Sure I’ll do that!!! I almost fell over when the City Of Hope asked me to send a CD of my music so they could play it for their Board of Directors to select me to open for Mary Tyler Moore’s Woman of The Year celebration. I had never recorded myself before. I had been in a zillion theatrical productions and musicals singing lead or in the chorus but never just me and microphone.
“Of course I will!” Even though I had no idea how. Ever  do that? Not be lead by your fear but still completely clueless on the steps to actually delivering the goods? My wanting to make a difference for people with diabetes and performing for my childhood role model was greater than my complete fear of doing it.
“Picture singing to your friend” the Sound Engineer said. He worked the sound board as he walked me through singing to one person and making it personal. OK! I was used to doing voice over work, where you can change how things sound if you have a smile or not and how your emotions influence your sound. This was scary and fun all at the same time.
Here’s a sample of what won me the gig.
To this New Yorker, there was no greater thrill than to perform at the world famous Waldorf Astoria ballroom in New York City. Just the chandeliers alone are enough to make you swoon, never mind the opera seats lining the walls. It was truly magnificent!  
Then you need to deliver! As I walked into this iconic hotel, I could feel my heart start to pound in my chest. “No Way!” I told my nerves, I need to keep my cool and meet Mary. I felt like I was on a first name basis with my TV idol since I had spent months preparing and practicing for this day.
Say Cheese! We had a photo shoot before the event and I remember this lovely woman who I had always admired looking right at me and asking, “How long have you had diabetes?” I was lost in her gaze and all of a sudden my brain shouted, “Answer her!! Mary Tyler Moore just asked you a question and she’s waiting for you to answer!”
I was startled back into reality and stuttered out, “18 years”. She was lovely, smiled and said, “You’e just a kid.” I may have been 45 but to her, I had not had the history yet with diabetes that she had.
Mary Tyler Moore also got Type 1 diabetes as an adult. She got it at 33, while she was on TV with her own show. No ignoring diabetes for her. She needed to function. But she also took on being a role model, so we could all feel, if she could do it, we could too!
Anytime you think you have it rough… there’s always someone who has it worse. Staying present to that is the trick of life, no matter what you’re dealing with.

You’re on soon!! I had already set up the stage with a pile of foods I wouldn’t eat with diabetes and put a black tablecloth over it. When it was my turn, I began to sing, “You made me love you, I didn’t want to do it” and then whisked off the cover to reveal the table piled high with sugared cereals like Trix and Captain Crunch, cookies and candy. I was going for all sorts of foods that would get a laugh AND ones I didn’t like. Hey, I’ve been known to eat the props! The performance was a blur but I do remember afterwards giving all the food to the ballroom staff.

Mary accepted her Woman of the Year award for all her hard work advocating and raising money for diabetes. She was eloquent and gracious. Then she was whisked away to the airport.

We can only hope we turn out to be real, when people meet us. Let’s take on being kind and not always falsely appearing utterly confident, when it’s not true as we keep growing and expanding and of course be real.
I’m sure Mary Tyler Moore, like the rest of us, had many struggles along with all her success. Let’s remember that for ourselves. We win, we blow it, we fix it and keep trying. Whether it’s in our relationships, work, family, inner peace, health, you name it. Thanks Mary for always reminding us, love is all around no need to waste it. You’re gunna make it after all.
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