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Laughter Medicine! for FUN healthy lifestyle change

free of charge & nasty side effects


Want to live a healthier lifestyle?

you are sooooo not alone!

Healthy Lifestyle change using laughter medicine

Come & get it! FUN Help
for 97.3% of Americans
reported by Mayo Clinic
to fail at healthy lifestyle change.

The hardest part of
winning healthy
habits is doing
you’re supposed to do
BUT DON’t because
it feels like suffering.


Who doesn’t hate suffering? Barff!





Laughter Medicine!

A radical idea whose time is come!

Make getting healthy a pleasure cruise!

laughter medicine works

Proven by Science & Loved by Users
FUN support from a girlfriend
who’s KNOWS what you’re going thru

Aristotle first spoke about laughter as medicine

I’ve been living with Type 1 Diabetes for over 30 years & REFUSE to suffer.

As a MASTER of making
healthy lifestyle change fun
I’ll make it fun for YOU TOO

Being a comic & a singer — There’s NO WAY I could have made it without music & humor

as a tonic to help me do things like give up pizza & bagels & Orange Crush!

stress busting

Humor works so great for changing lifestyle habits & combating disease that there’s a whole new field of science to study it named Psychoneuroimmunology.


Laughter medicine is SO powerful that even a FAKE SMILE floods your bloodstream with stress-busting, disease-killing immune cells.

Laughter is a Universal Elixir

Laughter is good for whatever ails you! Studies document how laughter can be better than medicine for diabetes and is a free prescription proven to fight cancer, heart disease and virtually any other illness by boosting immune cell production. How cool is that?

No Guilt Allowed

Use All We Offer

See the difference it makes using music, humor and 24/7 support to help you WIN at achieving health goals!

“You know you’re getting older, when you go from
singing Makin Whoopee to Makin Copays.”

Real-Life Solutions 

Read stories about my healthy lifestyle change slip-ups and wins. It’s hysterical how we live and then expect to feel good. As a comic, I know the best humor lies in the truth and I’ll keep telling on myself so you can keep laughing.

This is a pleasure cruise to love yourself while learning to prevent or live well & happy with whatever you’re dealing with!

Sometimes You Need a Laugh


Pregnant with Diabetes

A sense of humor sure helps

we gotta laugh at ourselves, ok laugh at me!
Share YOUR Pregnancy Story

Laughter can work as well as
Diet & Exercise

Dr. Lee Berk is one of our all time favorite researchers! For as long as I’ve had diabetes (30 years) he’s been studying the effects of  a good laugh as its aftershocks ripple through your brain and body. He’s the go-to-scientist for the latest on how our hormone and immune systems are constantly talking to each other.  The tone of that conversation directly impacts your ability to ward off disease — not to mention dictate what kind of day you’re going to have!

Who wouldn’t rather laugh than Diet & Exercise?

Dr. Berk demonstrated that laughter can work as well as diet and exercise in reversing disease-states. That’s why medical centers like the prestigious MD Andersen Cancer Center now offer laughter yoga as a part of treatment options!

Laughter works so well because it’s the antidote to stress. Barely a week goes by without new research surfacing that links stress to yet another major ailment.  Laughter works by shutting down the release of stress hormones and triggers the production of feel-good neurochemicals like dopamine, endorphin and oxytocin. YUP! These are the hormones that go into the making of an orgasm!

Thanks largely to these stress-squashing powers, laughter leads to health benefits ranging from lower levels of inflammation to improved blood flow.  “Many of these same things also happen when you sleep right, eat right, and exercise,” Berk says, which is why he lumps laughter in with more traditional healthy lifestyle change activities.

Laughter can even work as well as prescription drugs!

Interviews with Loma University’s Lee Berk
“Laughter Really IS the Best Medicine!”

This is pretty amazing! Dr. Lee Berk recruited diabetes patients with high cholesterol and high blood pressure and divided them into two groups. On group received standard medication for these conditions and the second group took their meds and watched funny videos for 30 minutes a day!

  • After one year, the laughter group increased their good cholesterol by 26% and
    decreased inflammation by 66%.
  • The group on standard medications increased good cholesterol by 3% and
    inflammation declined  26%.

Who knew healthy lifestyle change could be so much fun?

Have you laughed yet?

Then you’re already a little bit faster, stronger & SMARTER

Another one of Dr. Berk’s great discoveries is that laughter improves your brain activity! Laughter generates gamma frequencies and these are the brain waves that power PEAK physical and mental performance.

Gamma is the only frequency found in every part of the brain meaning humor is a

One  more benefit of laughter medicine for healthy lifestyle change

No crunches required!


Last but not least!

Don’t underestimate the physical effects of laughter on your figure! You know how after a good long laugh your sides hurt? That’s because laughing exercises your stomach muscles. No crunches required!