I Look Ridiculous!

/I Look Ridiculous!

I Look Ridiculous!

I Look Ridiculous!

I was so tired I just laid down in bed and before I knew it, I woke up and it was 3AM. The lights were on, my books were piled on my lap and my glasses were plastered against my face.

I looked a riot. When I put my journals on the floor and went to the bathroom, I happened to glance at myself in the mirror, half the hair on my head was smushed to one side and standing straight up. My hair looked crazy and really dry, so I decided I would do a deep conditioning in the morning.

After I added the thick goopy conditioner, I covered my head with a thin clear plastic bag and a headband around my face to keep it from running down my neck. The hairdresser said to do it overnight and with my husband out of town, I figured this was a great opportunity to get it done without anyone seeing me.

Needless to say, it was not exactly a turn on when I did it once when he was home. I didn’t think he’d even notice but I’ll never forget the look on this sweet loving man’s face, his jaw dropped and hung open in total disbelief when he saw me. I looked ridiculous.

I didn’t want to kill my sex life, so I decided not to let that picture stay in his head. So with him gone, the time was now. My mom had given me a purple plastic shower cap with a towel liner and I put that on also. Hey, she buys all sorts of stuff off the TV and if she calls right away, she often gets two for the price of one. I once got a great set of knives that way.

I’m brave enough to attach a picture so you see what I mean. My stylists, Janice Hurley-Trailer (Janice Hurley-Trailer.com) is going to have a stroke and Kim Moore at Nordstrom will definitely lock the door next time I show up. All that consulting and I post a picture on the internet that most women would rip to shreds.

Sometimes all you can do is laugh. I reminded myself of that Lucille Ball skit where she’s stashing the candy in her face and uniform, as it’s quickly coming down the conveyor belt. Hey, if I am lucky enough to remind myself of Lucille Ball or Carol Burnett, I consider that a great gift.

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