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How do you eat? Do you eat meat like a caveman? Eat only green plants, twigs and rocks? No grains, gluten free or whole grains? The only thing I know for sure living with Type 1 diabetes, is I can’t live on a ton of carbs. I want to and I can’t. If I ate all the bagels, pizza and white rice I grew up on, my blood sugar sky rockets and I pack on the pounds. It’s true, whether you have diabetes or not.

How do you chose the right foods? First eggs and butter were good, then bad. If cows were grass fed, then good. Fat was bad, then if ‘good’ fat, it’s good. The USDA Food Pyramid got turned upside down! Food that’s supposed to be healthy changes every second but one thing remains true.

Veggies are a Magic Trick

Your life will change when you boost the veggies. That’s the secret to healthy eating. And if you can, organic vegetables have even more taste.

And how about what to drink?  Do you drink diet soda thinking it helps keep your weight down? Not true! Turns out it’s FATTENING. Check out the science blog Diet Soda is Linked to More Bad Stuff Than You Can Shake a Stick At.

No suffering allowed

Vegetables are the only consistent element of any healthy eating. I’ll walk you through how to love new foods and you and your body will both be delighted, even when eating out or in!

Enjoy Veggies are a Magic Trick