Laughter as Medicine

//Laughter as Medicine

The Science of the Irresistible Smile: How a Smile Makes Us Happy

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Come on – Admit it!

Just looking at this smiling face
lifts your spirits!

You can’t help it! We’re hardwired that way. In fact, even a 30 millisecond glance at a happy face has the […]

Laughter is VERY Sexy to Your Immune Cells

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Laughter is an
Immune Cell

AND laughter’s a key factor in sexual selection for women

Have you noticed the more you laugh with a date the more “friendly” you become?  Personally, the second love-of-my-life kept me in stitches!

So it was something of an “ahah” […]

Studies Show: Fake a Smile When Stressed for Solid Health Wins

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Feel Bad?
Perk Up!
It’s an Opportunity to
Do Something Wonderful
for Yourself

Self-medicating with fake smiles

isn’t as much fun as Haagen Dazs or going shopping, but you’ll feel better faster, won’t wear your mood on your hips and your budget will thank you. That’s a lot of really great stuff and we haven’t even gotten […]

Laughter! The FREE Prescription that Comes with Your Face

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Laughter Medicine Has
It’s Own Name!
Ready for it?



Laughter as REAL medicine earned it’s place within mainstream science.

Don’t let anyone tell you “it’s just in your head.” Psychoneuroimmunology (psy·cho·neu·ro·im·mu·nol·o·gy \ˌsī-kō-ˌn(y)u̇r-ō-ˌim-yə-ˈnä-lə-jē) is the branch of science that studies laughter’s  effects on the […]